What is TVLYZER?
TV ads have great influence on consumers’ digital behavior.
Tvlyzer is an attribution platform that precisely measures the impact of TV ads on online activity. It provides actionable insights to optimize your plan and helps you increase your campaign’s ROI.
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Traditional TV measurement focus on ratings data, rather than how campaigns drove response.

However in today’s connected world smart phones, tablets and laptops
provide insights into consumer behavior that brands can respond in real time.

With artificial intelligence based algorithm, Tvlyzer measures the impact of each ad airing
on website traffic, app install, and conversions to fill the gap between TV and web
for those who want to increase their TV Campaign’s ROI.
Follow digital footprints!
Online Activity with and without TV Ads
Clear performance reports by channel, TV show, creative, day and hours

Measuring and optimizing
TV commercial campaings like digital in real time

Easy Setup,
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“The rise of 2nd screen mobile devices has made TV advertising measurable.”
Television is still the most powerful form of media with its massive reach. Analyzing your TV campaign’s impact on online consumer behavior is the key to boost your ROI.
Master your consumer journey with
an integrated marketing platform.